What's your favorite part of working at Ultimate Diamond?

What's your favorite part of working at Ultimate Diamond?

"Being in the middle of New York City, I see local customers from New York and customers coming from all over the world, people that I would never meet in my whole life but because I’m in this business in this area, I get to hear their love story and I become part of their life journey and they stay with me by sending pictures and following up. And the best part is when they come to visit the city a few years later and they stop in to say hello and I think how awesome is that. That’s the best part of my job that I love. The sales are obviously nice but people coming out of the blue from another country years later asking if I remember them? Of course I do!"

"The people I work with!"

"The customers, meeting new people and being a part of their journey. This is one of the most important milestones of their lives and for me it’s a big honor that they trust me and they are trusting their relationship and their questions with regards to one of their biggest purchases."

"My favorite part of working at Ultimate Jewelry Designs is being able to take the often overwhelming process of shopping for an affordable diamond engagement ring on 47th street and using my knowledge, with support from the Ultimate Wholesale Team behind the scenes, to make the process not only affordable, but fun, informative, and above all else transparent!"

"Being part of people’s lives during that special moment. When searching for an engagement ring, its very easy to get confused or overwhelmed - there’s a lot of noise and a lot of different directions this process can go and people are worried about getting ripped off- but by treating them with respect and guiding them through the process and seeing the appreciation they exude when they come back and they’re glowing because they’re so happy and they truly appreciate what we do for them."

"Working with the family here. I don’t work here for the money I work here because I want to bring happiness to others. Customers are like my family and I want to help them make the best decision so they can buy a ring that they will love."

"Meeting people and making everybody happy. What’s most exciting is meeting all the different people I never thought I was gonna like that."

"Working with my best friend’s family it’s like being in their living room everyday!"



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