Diamond and colors

A gem or gemstone is a precious stone that possesses:

  • beauty, 
  • durability and 
  • Rarity.


A Gemstone is a Precious stone that retains some of the eminences which are magnified look, robustness, and frequency.

If these conditions are pleased then it will be called stones with gem quality and is ready to use. It all depends on how the gemstone is going to get used. It might get used in jewelry and therefore get cut and polish. It may remain in its usual form, i.e. its natural beauty remains as it is. Both types of gemstones can be used in crafting jewelry. 


*Gemstones are a form of mineral deposits, which arise certainly in the earth.

*Gemstone is the formation of chemical arrangements and is an atomic erection.

*According to this study diamond also get counts as a gemstone.


So just to clarify here that diamonds are called as diamonds only. But gemstones are always called colored gemstones. Diamonds are colorless but as you know that diamonds also come in colors. We call them color Diamonds.


Nowadays, Loose  Diamond gatherers are getting more accustomed to color diamonds. We can see celebrities wearing color diamond jewelry and are boosting these astonishing stones into fashion culture. Now anyone who loves wearing diamonds will add this amazing colored diamond jewelry in their collection. When we are talking about fancy color diamonds that means the pigmentation of a diamond is entirely natural.


How does a color diamond get its color?


 As per education, Loose Diamonds are extracted form of carbon. During the process, when components are surrounded during the illustration process when diamonds are formed, its effect changes the process because of which the color of the diamond starts getting change naturally. These colored diamonds are very rare.

 Before we talk about the colors of diamonds according to their rare to rarest form. Every color of a diamond is put on a scale and is ranked on how intense the color is, from light to intense. The more the wetness of the diamond is, the rarer it will be. 


Yellow Diamonds:

Within the position of color diamonds, Yellow is the most mutual diamond. According to the study, Yellow color diamonds make up 60% of the colored diamond market. It means that out of around 15000 carats that are mined, only 1 carat is a yellow diamond. So yellow diamonds are rare. With all study and factors, some Yellow diamonds are easy to buy. The relatively look as I color white diamond which posses with pale yellow color and is generally not recommended. The more intense the yellow is, the more the rarity and higher will be the price. Yellow Diamonds signify bliss, passion, and confidence in any relationship.


Pink Diamonds:

The maximum of the pink diamonds comes from Western Australia's Argyle mine which is a virtual monopoly of the world's pink diamond market. They are extremely responsible for raising the demand in the market. As you can visualize, the composition of very attractive and most shortage results in a very higher price for diamonds. Except for red diamonds, highly qualified pink diamonds are the most costly color diamonds in the market. Naturally, Pink Diamonds are most pursued after color diamonds. Pink Diamonds tends to be very dreamy, obsessive and stylish diamonds that assort from very blushy pink to very intense pink color. The more intense will be the color, the more will be the price. 


Blue Diamonds:

Blue Diamonds are very rarest colored diamonds after red diamonds. The fascinating blue color is occurred by the occurrence of boron with the diamond. Many of blue diamonds which interprets for only 0.1% of the world's color diamonds. This results in a blue diamond's more appropriate for investors and diamond merchants. Blue diamonds are very expensive because of its very rarest availability.


Red Diamonds:

Red Diamonds are the rarest diamond in the world. Because of their enormous scarceness, there is a little difference between natural diamonds and fancy color stones. This type of color diamonds is influenced by different impurities of chemicals. Red diamonds are completely comprised of carbon. Experts feel that due to malformations the red color comes in the diamond. These red diamonds always above 0.20 carat and are very rare. It is very expensive and is normally rare to buy for a normal person. 


Black Diamonds:

Black diamonds are a striking way to beautify a getup and smooth way to showcase the love for your special one. As they are not enthusiastic alike white diamonds, then also they possess their uniqueness. For engagement rings, black diamonds are a reasonable option. They are an even better option for necklaces, earrings, promise rings, and wedding bands. Black is the color symbolic of influence, asset, confidence, and appetite. What can be the best color than black to present your love and commitment to your special one?

Black diamonds are rare. These are gathered in Brazil and Africa's central region. Real diamonds are filled with very dark inclusions. When the crystallization process takes place, that time change of color of diamond takes place. In Black diamond, inclusion is higher. Therefore difficult to cut and polish. Black diamonds are valued for their charm and magnetism look. It is usually used in men's jewelry. The cost of a black diamond is less than the white diamond. Around 1-carat heated black diamond can cost around $1500 and so on.


Gray Diamonds:

Increasing the trend of fancy color diamonds has increased the demand for gray diamond. Being very rare in nature it is relatively very expensive than other color diamonds. Gray diamonds are like blue diamonds. Gray color origin when hydrogen, boron, and nitrogen during the process. Gray diamonds are found in India, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. Gray diamonds among all colored diamonds are comparatively not known only because of its rarity. Gray diamonds are not the first choice for jewelry but frequently appear as a subordinate color in blue or green diamonds. 


Green Diamonds:

The Green color in diamonds found from the contact to the radiation that the stone suffered for a long time. Green color diamonds are very rare. Green diamonds are so rare that people never saw other than museum exhibitions. You will hardly find a natural green color diamond in the jewelry store. 


Orange Diamonds:

The orange color in the diamond occurs due to the presence of nitrogen in the diamond. Orange diamond has given a name pumpkin diamond. An orange diamond with no connotation colors is measured as the rarest stone. A diamond that is found in some single color form is the purest form and is very valuable. Orange Diamonds are generally found with other forms of combination like yellowish, brownish, pinkish. 


Purple Diamonds:

Purple diamonds occur buckling of the diamond's structure, Purple diamonds maintain a very high price. This stone occurs in Russia. The pure color of a purple diamond is very rare but it possesses the subordinate assortment of blue, pink, gray colors. In spite of the name, the diamond is round cut. The clarity and color of the diamond are not known. The diamond has the great ability to change the color of the appearance like deep, light, Intense purple.


Brown Diamonds:

Brown diamonds are very usual and common colors in natural diamonds. Many of the mines make out 15% of brown diamonds from the total. Due to it's plain, less sparkling and dull color is less eye-catching. These diamonds are maximizing used in industrial purposes. These diamonds are also known as chocolate diamonds.


White Diamonds:

White diamonds are not in grade from D –Z as they are not colorless but white. As white is the collaboration of all colors that is why it does not come on the spectrum of color. The appearance of very small inclusions passes through the diamond provides it with the milky shade color is described as a white diamond.  

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