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Ultimate Diamond About Us

Who Ultimate is:

Ultimate Diamond is a 3rd generation family-run and operated business dating back to 1959. Ultimate has distinguished itself within the Diamond and Jewelry Market by providing a superior level of customer service and value to all of it's customers over the decades. From professional athletes and famous celebrities to college sweethearts, Ultimate treats every sale and every customer with the same professionalism and vigor that has come to define the Ultimate name. We are always looking forward to providing you with exceptional guidance and design assistance in making any beautiful piece of jewelry and especially in designing your custom Ultimate Engagement Ring, making it truly that special symbol of your lifelong bond.

Ultimate Diamond

Where we came from:

Ultimate Diamond was first started by the late Mr. Kung Sr. when he brought his family and burgeoning pearl business over to America from Taiwan in 1959. Mr. Kung Sr. established himself in the industry by keeping to his principles of quality, service, and expedience in everything Ultimate Diamond does. Through this practice he grew the business steadily over the decades until Mr. Kung (Son of Mr. Kung Sr.) took over the business in the 1980's. Mr. Kung, building on everything his father bestowed upon and taught him, redefined the diamond market for consumers by being one of the first to exclusively offer and sell G.I.A. Verified Diamonds. G.I.A. Verified Diamonds are those diamonds that have been submitted to the Gemological Institute of America for verification. The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) is the foremost trusted authority for diamond grading in the world and stands alone in their expertise.

What our customers say about us:

"The staff here take an extra step to making sure you feel taken care of." -Benajmin D.

"Jane was very patient with us and gave us a lot of tips on what couples tend to find important, especially in the long run. She wasn't pushy at all and I could tell she wanted us to make a choice we would be happy with for a long long time. Even better, the price was right!"  -Haewan B.

"Jane spent the time to show me significant differences in diamonds and provided me with knowledgeable help. There was no hassle and pressure to helping me make a decision."  -Mo C.

"We never felt pressured in the slightest to buy anything."  -Deane B.

"Abe and everyone there was forthright, accommodating, and lovely to work with. You really get the sense that their customer relationships last forever and I know mine will."  -Eric R.

"He has a lot of integrity, was genuine and guided us throughout the entire process. Billy, you are one of a kind and we thank you dearly."  -Iyana E.

"I keep coming back for one main reason which is piece of mind.  Knowing that I can trust them and not having to stress about the quality I'm getting at good prices is all that really matters!!"  -John C.

"Amazingly friendly service. Right away we felt at ease. There was never a moment where we felt pressured."   -Vin C.

"They make me feel comfortable, have great ideas, and I trust them to give me the best product and ideas! Definitely glad I found them years ago."  -Catherine H.

"They are knowledgeable, not pushy, and helpful if you have any questions."  -Sarah K.

"Jane - she is personable, trustworthy, good hearted, reasonable and goes above and beyond with her service."  -Sean M.

"His patience and ability to show me multiple diamonds and be very transparent on price was what made me comfortable working with him and Ultimate." -Brandon F.

"What an amazing shop and staff.  They make the intimidating diamond district into a place of comfort and excitement."  -Mike E.





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